How To Order


Frame or canvas, design, & size ready for order? Let’s customize!!! At checkout, there is an option to leave additional comments. For all Arabic name/word art and tattoo designs this field is required. So, skip if n/a. It is not required for art supply unless you are getting an easel wood engraving. Enter:

1. Your one (1) name or favorite word to create. AKTHAR tattoo designs can be a simple sentence 2-10 words (ex. a simple quote). All other art orders are 1 word only.

2. Your optional 1-3 colors. Yes, BLINGUAL CUSTOM designs can have 1-3 colors. CLASSIC designs only come in black and silver. Want more than 3 colors? Add the additional acrylic color fee ($10) per each color (and per each art piece if applicable) to your cart. **if you choose no colors or a BLINGUAL CUSTOM design without 1-3 colors for your art order, expect a pleasant surprise!**


 Incomplete orders: Multiple names (full name or multiple names/words UNLESS specified as a AKTHAR tattoo design which is a simple sentence of 2-10 words) or more than 1-3 colors listed without the acrylic color fee ($10) per each color and order. There are no order refunds or cancelations once your order is placed. Please contact if there are any customization questions!



Canvas background is white with black acrylic overlaid with silver. Clean and sharp Arabic calligraphy and typography that is sure to make you stop and stare in awe. If desired without silver, please leave in order comment.


Custom scribble portrait which compliments the background of your language art. Scribble portrait is carefully crafted by hand and critically detailed. Your pattern teaches you something new every viewing. “THOUGHTS” wander with each curve.


BLINGUAL creates totally for you. Examples are custom scribble portrait that can consist of the repeated name or word for your language art in frame or on canvas, or translucent layering. You may even open your shipment to a graffiti style or mixed-media creation! You have the option (or not) to choose colors with this design at checkout. If no colors are listed, BLINGUAL will chose 1-3 colors for the language art.


Arabic name frames only come in 9×12 float frames. They can be of any 3 BLINGUAL design styles. Float frames vary in our supply inventory and we change style often. Routine doesn’t exist. 


At this time, BLINGUAL builds handmade 4ft canvases and 6ft handmade adjustable home easels. If you have an old storage box we will design it. A skateboard? We’ll tag it. A nice steel box to carry your DJ equipment? We will stamp it for you. Don’t throw out that wood yet… BLINGUAL will make you a custom storage box! Contact us to place a custom order or something to make new again.


We ship anywhere in the United States. Processing typically takes 3-5 business days and up to 7-10 business days for shipping. **Please note that as we’re practicing safe protocols amidst CO-VID19, there are delays in shipping**. Our signature glass frames are fragile so each peice is carefully wrapped for shipping. From your time of order confirmation, please allow BLINGUAL’s creative process to begin! We ask for colors because of the characteristics and energies they carry. It starts the beautiful discovery of word art. Each piece is 1 of 1 and careful time, craft, and consideration is put into each one. Thank you so much for your patience. Rush and international shipping is available, so contact us before you place your order!