B is for Business

BLINGUAL simply means being able to communicate. This language initiative values the power of language and its ability to bridge the communal need to share ideas and strengthen emotional intelligence through art. BLINGUAL offers a variety of unique language arts services in English, Spanish, & Arabic and our beyond-the-classroom approach is to support artists and creatives build and instill meaningful language skills into their creative platforms.

BLINGUAL, The Language Initiative is interested in becoming a bridge between communities and businesses in order to collaborate with new and existing networks that allow access to artistic communication & language resources. Pop-up events, educational conferences, and gallery invitations are to name a few.

We are creating for:

Businesses (decor for elegant lobby areas, glass etchings, screens, transliterated flyers, language research, and word art education)

Community partners who desire language art for murals, books & media, or other highly visible initiatives involving Arabic calligraphy and typography. 

Individuals & Homeowners. (room wall decor, home office decor, and/or reupholstery of desired art forms.)